Eva Hamer

Portland, OR Based

Pro-Animal Advocate

Meet Endorsed Candidates at the July 16th ARCPDX Meeting

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Who I'm Backing for Portland City Council

Chad Lykins, District 4

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Steph Routh, District 1

Jamie Dunphy, District 1

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Marnie Glickman, District 2

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Jonathan Tasini, District 2

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Angelita Morillo, District 3

Jesse Cornett, District 3

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Pro-Animal Future

I am Program Lead of Pax Fauna and Pro-Animal Future, organizations focused on challenging the cultural norm of eating animals in the United States.


As a certification candidate through the Center for Nonviolent Communication, I provide trainings in NVC and conflict resolution to the movement. Check out my blogs here


I compiled and manage the Animal Liberation Songbook. Please contact me for submissions.